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What We Do

Ergopro: Your source for Computer Ergonomics and Green Office Products
Back, neck, shoulder, and wrist comfort is essential to the physical health and productivity levels of office professionals. Our versatile range of ergonomic office equipment ensures individual team members will find their comfort zone.

What We Do
Ergopro fosters wellness in the office environment by:

• providing an extensive line of ergonomic office equipment
• increasing awareness of the benefits of office ergonomics
• dispensing cutting-edge information on ergonomics
• consulting on how to turn an office green through environmentally-sound practices and products.

Yes, Ergonomics Can Do All This

Whether it’s computer ergonomics or the simple act of providing the right chair for the task, good ergonomics can:

  • prevent body stress and risk of injury
  • decrease medical and physical therapy costs
  • increase day-to-day productivity
  • cut down on worker absenteeism

What Else We Offer
We offer our clients a variety of valuable services:

  • workstation evaluations conducted by certified ergonomists.
  • stretch-and-break software solutions.
  • valuable informational resources.
Free Advice
From helpful workday stretches to diagrams on posture and desk positioning, we’ll get you on your way to workplace wellness.
Free expert advice on computer ergonomics and better office habits and practices.

How to Make Your Office Green

Ergopro champions “green” office products, and is intent on being a leader in this field. If you’re wondering how to turn your office green, see Green Tips for the Workplace.

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* provides information and products as aids to understanding and addressing care of the human frame, ergonomics and related ailments. Such offerings should not be considered medical advice or substitutes for the recommendations of an attending physician or other health care professional, nor as specific recommendation or endorsement of any procedure, therapy, treatment or product.

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