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Typing, Sitting, Standing!

Whatever you do, your body is sure to notice!
Where are you feeling tendon, wrist or muscle pain during your everyday activities?


When it comes to our clients, Ergopro is all about being PRACTICAL. We focus on your immediate physical comfort and help you to create long-term habits that will lead to a pain-free life.

There’s no time like right now to admit that your everyday activities are putting strain on your body.  Whether it’s the wrist pain you feel at your computer, the office ergonomics you know you should attend to at your workstation, or your concerns about your child’s heavy school backpack, we can help.   By addressing your office ergonomics you can make the necessary changes immediately.

Office Ergonomics:

Office ergonomics is the area in which we do the majority of our consulting.  Millions of people feel the impact of sitting at desks for long hours, including wrist pain from typing and other muscle pain - like lower back soreness. Halt the negative effects of office work and other physical strain before they worsen into herniated discs, carpal tunnel and De Quervain’s syndrome, and other costly, painful Repetitive Stress Injuriees (RSI). 

Do you have pain in your wrist and arm from using a mouse or low back pain from sitting at your desk?

Do you want to improve your health and safety in the office?

Ergopro has numerous solutions and prevention techniques. Ergopro offers useful advice, valuable consulting services, and ergonomic office equipment that WORKS.

Value Yourself

The first thing NOT to do when you’re enduring work-related discomfort?  IGNORE IT. 

An injury caused by repetitive stress will only worsen unless you address the patterns that created it in the first place. It often only takes a few simple changes to help you feel much better.  Ergopro identifies the alterations you need to make: quick changes, and pragmatic choices.

Value Your Employees

Don’t wait until employees are taking sick days to implement simple, effective ergonomic principles in your workplace.  Ergonomically-sound work set-ups will not only spare you the stress of absenteeism, they will give employees a sense of wellness in the working environment, as well as reducing your company's health care costs. Pain in the wrist and arm from using a mouse is quite common. Offering ergonomic solutions makes it clear to employees that you’re concerned for their health, and contributes to positivity and productivity in a company.

Value Reliable Information

A newly designed ergonomic product may not always be the best solution, and new products may be useless if you’re uninformed about how to use them.  Trust in Ergopro’s knowledge of ergonomic health and safety in office environments.

Kids Ergonomics

Are you concerned about your child’s posture, the heavy backpacks that school work seems to demand, or the way that video games and computer work take their toll on young bodies?  So are we.  No matter the age of a child, bad physical habits can take a toll long term. It’s never too early to make your child aware of how their activities affect their body.  See our Kids Ergonomics section for information to help with the challenges that your child faces. See our Kids Ergonomic Products section for practical solutions.

Ergonomic Resources

Simple stretches to help wrist pain, muscle pain , new ideas about how to sit at your desk, and details about how your body works can provide you with quick physical relief—and alleviate problems you may have down the line.  Need help with your office? Want to reduce stress in the workplace? Interested in reading about wellness and environmental health? Check out our Articles and Links to learn these things and more.