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Everyday Eye Relaxing Exercises

Everyday Eye Relaxing Exercises

by Mike Walker,

Nowadays, most people who work in office situations use a computer, which can lead to eye strain. Symptoms include difficulty focusing, blurry vision, dry, itchy and irritated eyes, or a dull generalized headache, and may be more exacerbated in people who wear contact lenses. You may experience any one or a number of these symptoms, and they are usually caused by focusing for too long on the one object. Luckily there are eye exercises that can be done to alleviate the symptoms and allow you to continue working.

First and most simple, take the time to look away from your computer screen. It seems so easy, yet many of us are so engrossed in our work that we simply do not look away. Take the time to look out the window, or focus your eyes on an object at least three meters away, such as a painting on the far wall. This allows the eye muscles to relax. Look away for short periods, 20 – 30 seconds, and try to do this often.

Make a concerted effort to blink more often. When staring at a computer screen, many people fail to blink as often as they would usually, resulting in dry, irritated or tired eyes – and this in particular can be worse for contact lens wearers.

Try scanning your eyes in a relaxed manner over the edges of objects in the room, such as the door frame, window, your desk, or any objects that are at a distance further away than your computer. This again allows the eye muscles to relax.

Focus on an object at a distance from you, around 10 to 16 feet (3 - 5 meters). Then focus your eyes on an object closer to you, around 3 feet (1 meter). Repeat this ten to fifteen times. Hold your pen in front of your eyes and move it from side to side. Follow your pen with your eyes only, without moving your head. Roll your eyes in a circular direction, clockwise first, and then anti-clockwise, repeating ten to fifteen times. All of these exercises help to relax the muscles in your eyes, and release the tension built up from focusing for long periods of time at a single distance.

Use these exercises throughout the day – take a moment before your morning break, lunch, or afternoon break to practice some of these exercises, and help reduce the symptoms caused by eye strain.